Good afternoon!

Here’s who is coming to the market this weekend and what they are bringing! We are so happy to say that there will once again be strawberries for sale, and this week we are happy to welcome The Runamuck Baker, who will have gluten free goodies!

In addition to a diverse assortment , we have MUSIC and  ARTS and CRAFTS. Plus a bunch of great community partners will be visiting with us! Details below.

Here’s who’s coming to market this week:

Manhan Organics is bringing spinach, kale, mixed baby lettuce, heads of lettuce, radishes, microgreens and eggs

Mayval Farm is coming with cheese, skyr, milk, kefir, beef and maple products, cookies and parfaits!

Night Shift Street Fare is bringing made-to-order BREAKFAST to market.

Riverside will have a ton of veggie and herb starts, along with houseplants, succulents, and spider plants

The Runamuck Baker who will be delighting us with her gluten free goodies

Sweet Morning Farm is bringing carrots, beets, broccoli, cabbage, sweet salad turnips, salad mix, head lettuce, swiss chard, and garlic scapes. To round it out they will have eggs and pork. AND STRAWBERRIES!

This week’s guests and entertainment:

Emily Williston Memorial Library, who will have all manner of books and stories on seeds, gardens, and farms, and who will hook you UP with a library card if you need one;

The Easthampton Community Center, who will tell you all about their food pantry, their programs, their kids’ pantry, and all the amazing stuff they do for our community

ARTS AND CRAFTS with Ms. Danielle, of course,

AND: musician Greg Reill, who will play from 9-11

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