Biggest Market Yet!


That’s right, folks! This weeks market will be our biggest market yet! This week will have the most vendors at the market that we have had all year!

And guess what?


Come visit the managers tent to use get your snap dollars!

Find a vendor that only takes cash and you only have a debit or credit card on you? No problem! Head on over to the manager’s tent and we can help you out!

We are so excited!

Here’s what you can expect this week:

Lovefield Way Garden Arts is bringing crocheted hanging planters, terrariums, flowers, herbs and veggies

Nuestras Raices will be joining us cucumbers, zucchini and summer squash, herbs, arugula, flowers, carrots and beets

Park Hill Orchard will have have the first peaches of the season! Just picked. Along with our summer berry medleys, raspberries, and blueberries.

Passalongs Flower Farm and Wicked Small Batch Jammery will be at the market with many varieties of home-made jam, hanging hydroponic gardens, and fresh, locally grown flowers and homemade muffins!

Hilltown Grazers will be at the market with their delicious pork products!

Five A Day Farm will be coming with local greens and veggies.

Riverside Gardens  will have tomatoes, beans, lettuce mix, red romaine, cucumbers, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, yellow squash, kale, chard, rhubarb, basil, sage and sunflowers all grown naturally and with love!

Sage Meadow Farm will have an assortment of goat milk soap. We will also be offering goat milk cheeses from our foundation farm, Valley View, which includes an assortment of fresh chèvre, delicious feta, and their specialty tome cheese.

Revival Homestead Supply will be joining us with handmade/natural body products and their DIY kits!

White Cedar Farm is bringing Farm Fresh Eggs, Raw, Local Honey, Local Maple Syrup, Shiitake Mushrooms, Fresh Cut Herbs, Cucumbers, Potted Herbs.

Crooked Stick Pops (weather permitting)

We will have the following flavors:
Ginger Peach
Blueberry Lavender
Cucumber Lemon Mint
Cantaloupe Honey
Spicy Pineapple

Sapowsky Farm will be bringing corn, radishes, tomatoes, lettuce, scallions,
peppers, potatoes, summer squash, zucchini, peter pan squash, yellow
zucchini, cucumbers, pickling cucumbers, blueberries, salad greens,
spinach, broccoli, cauliflower

Saltbox Seasonings will be offering handcrafted, small batch gourmet seasonings, infused and herbed gourmet finishing and cooking salts, gourmet sugar blends, cocktail rimming mixes, barbeque and grilling blends, salt-free seasonings.  They use local (e.g., fresh garlic scapes and dill weed from local farmers) whenever possible and welcome special customer requests for custom seasoning and sugar blends.


We will be having a local story teller, Davis Bates, from 11:15-1!

Don’t forget to stop by the managers tent to get your loyalty card punched!


See you there!

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